domenica 15 aprile 2018

MacArthur - MacArthur (2016 Guerssen Records) 1979

Biography US foursome MACARTHUR was formed sometime in the late 1970's, consisting of Ben MacArthur (vocals, guitars), Bill Hefflefinger (guitars, keyboards, programming), Donald Stockford (bass) and Jeff Bauer (drums). While sources about them are scarce it would appear that they were an active live unit in their local area. But it was some years after the band folded that they gained recognition. In their initial lease of life they had released to limited quantity vinyl LPs, MacArthur and MacArthur II, issued in 1979 and 1982 respectively. These productions became sought after items in the collectors market, that the music on these albums had qualities not appreciated at the time of their release adding additional value to these items beyond the limited number of copies available. MacArthur reformed in 2006, their current line-up consisting of permanent members Ben MacArthur (vocals, guitars), Donald Stockford (bass) and Chuck Harrington (drums). David Asher (keyboards) lends his talents when needed, first and foremost for live purposes. And while talk and rumours about reissuing their original albums as well as the band recording and releasing new material have circulated, nothing substantial has come to pass yet. Avid collectors might note the existence of one bootleg however, as their first album was bootlegged in 1980 as The Black Forest.

01.Light Up
02.Laughing Like a Lark
03.Generations/First Contact
04.Push On
05.Of Only Then
06.The Black Forest
07.Prelude in C Major
08.Shock of the New

Ben MacArthur - vocals, guitars
Bill Hefflefinger - guitars, keyboards
Donald Stockford - bass
Jeff Bauer - drums

mercoledì 11 aprile 2018

The Avengers - Everyone's Gonna Wonder - The Complete Singles (2016 Frenzy Music) 1967 - 1969

Biography One of the more successful New Zealand pop bands of the late 1960s, the Avengers were formed in Wellington in mid-1966. (Confusingly, another group with the same name -- a backing unit for singer Ray Woolf -- emerged in Auckland at much the same time.) The Avengers were formed at the behest of promoter Ken Cooper, who was seeking a house band for his nightclub the Place; he first approached guitarist Dave Brown, who in turn recruited guitarist Clive Cockburn, bassist Eddie McDonald and drummer Hank Davis. With their name decided as a result of a local newspaper contest, the quartet amassed a repertoire of some 75 Beatles songs in addition to covers of hits by Herman's Hermits and the Hollies; within a year, they were easily Wellington's most popular group, and in mid-1967 issued their debut single, the Top Ten hit "Everyone's Gonna Wonder." A series of smashes followed, including "Only Once in My Life," "1941," "Love Hate Revenge" and "Days of Pearly Spencer." However, the Avengers' success remained confined to New Zealand's shores, with all attempts to crack the lucrative Australian market proving futile; they disbanded in mid-1969, leaving a legacy which included the LP The Avengers Live at Ali Baba's (the first live album in the annals of Kiwi rock).

01.Everybody's Gonna Wonder
02.Midnight Visitation
03.Summer Set Morning
04.Sunshine Lady
06.Days of Pearly Spencer
08.Daniel the Postman
09.You Don't Understand
11.Only Once in My Life
12.I Wouldn't Do That
13.Night Time
15.Take My Hand
16.You Better Come Home
17.Night in the City
19.September Winds
20.Only Last Year
21.What Price Love
22.Flower Girl
23.Out of Sight, Out of Mind
24.Love Is a One Way Ticket
25.Top 20 (Radio Spot)
26.Top 20 Time Check (Radio Spot)
27.This Show Is Groovy (Radio Spot)

Ian (Hank) Davis - drums, vocals
Eddie McDonald - bass, vocals
Dave Brown - rhythm guitar, vocals
Clive Cockburn - lead guitar, organ

mercoledì 4 aprile 2018

Legend (Feat. Mickey Jupp) - Legend 1st Abum (2007 Repertoire Records) 1969

Biography In some circles, Mickey Jupp is something of a minor legend, a roots rocker with excellent taste and a cutting wit, best heard on the songs "Switchboard Susan" and "You'll Never Get Me Up in One of Those," both covered by Nick Lowe. Basher's endorsement is a clear indication that Jupp is a pub rocker, a guy who specializes in laid-back good times, so it shouldn't come as a great surprise that his first band, Legend, was proto-pub, an unabashed celebration of old-time rock & roll, filled with three-chord Chuck Berry rockers and doo wop backing vocals. Nevertheless, listening to their 1970 LP is a bit of a shock, as it's completely disassociated with anything that was happening in 1970, even with Tony Visconti enlisted as their producer. Legend's sensibility is ahead of its time in its retro thinking, pointing the way to the rock & roll revival of the late '70s and not even that similar to the country-rock of Eggs Over Easy or Bees Make Honey, as this has little of the rustic feel of the Band: it's just straight-up oldies rock, a trait emphasized by those incessant doo wop harmonies that are on almost every cut on this LP (but do disappear on the bonus live cuts on the Repertoire reissue, possibly because they were too busy playing to harmonize). Those harmonies and the light, almost goofy, touch of Jupp's writing here distinguish Legend and also illustrate why they made no waves in 1970; it's hard to see the counterculture getting roused over the verse "If you were an apple you'd be/Good good eating/If you were a book you'd be/Good good reading." These slightly silly flourishes do have a lot in common with the wry humor of Nick Lowe, who at this time was denying this mischievous streak as he attempted to sound like Crosby, Stills & Nash, but at this point, Jupp was largely on his own doing this light, good-time pub rock. That may be why it sank without a trace at the time, but heard apart from its era, Legend is a minor delight, one of the first flowerings of the pub rock sensibility.

01.National Gas 3:00
02.Heather On The Hill 2:13
03.Tombstone 2:14
04.Come Back Baby 2:07
05.City 2:12
06.Good Boy/Groovette 3:19
07.Wouldnt You 2:31
08.Doncaster By-pass 2:45
09.Twenty Carat Rocker 1:59
10.Bartenders Blues 2:54
11.Good Money 2:32
12.Shinding 2:25
Mono Version
13.National Gas (mono version) 3:04
14.Heather On The Hill (mono version) 2:29
15.Tombstone (mono version) 2:08
16.Come Back Baby (mono version) 2:07
17.City (mono version) 2:18
18.Good Boy/Groovette (mono version) 3:14
19.Wouldnt You (mono version) 2:31
20.Doncaster By-pass (mono version) 2:46
21.Twenty Carat Rocker (mono version) 1:56
22.Bartenders Blues (mono version) 2:54
23.Good Money (mono version) 2:31
24.Shinding (mono version) 2:34
Bonus Track
25.National Gas (Single A-side Mix) 3:05
26.Wouldn't You (Single B-side Mix) 2:31
27.Georgia George (part 1) (single A-side) 2:12
28.July (Single B-side) 2:52
29.Foxfield Junction (bonus track) 2:55

Mickey Jupp - Vocals, Piano, 6 Strings Guitar
Chris East - Vocals, Harmonica, 12 Strings Guitar
Steve Geere - Vocals, String Bass
Nigel Dunbar - Drums

lunedì 2 aprile 2018

Vampires - Vampires Underground (2014 Pharaway Sounds) 1971

Biography Where does a band of Indian guys in East South Africa even play, and how on earth would they end up with fuzzy guitar riffs, wah-wah and funky drums? Riddles abound when you discover a platter like this one. Durban, famous for its beaches and also for beach signs that marked off areas for white people, had a very unique dance band scene in 1971. The Vampires are a strange footnote in a strange world, and they slosh through each song like they're having the time of their lives. The mostly instrumental band covers everything from a soundtrack that prefigures the drama of Ennio Morricone fuzz, to middle-of-the-road Nashville country, to Zeppelin, with flute, organ and fuzz guitar high in the mix. Like the undead, the Vampires now rise from having been long buried. But they only showed up to get their dirt in your ears. One of the most obscure psychedelic funk exploitation albums ever, reissued for the first time. Remastered sound, insert/booklet with liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records).

01.Memphis Underground 5:32
02.Into The Fire 3:18
03.Rose Garden 2:41
04.Funky Broadway 4:25
05.Exodus 3:24
06.By The Time I Get To Phoenix 3:46
07.Whole Lot Of Love 3:42
08.Love Story 3:30
09.Get Ready 3:08
10.Unchain My Heart 3:34
11.I'm Your Puppet 2:55

Quintet of anonymous Indian expats living in South Africa's Durban port town.

sabato 31 marzo 2018

REPOST : Holy Modal Rounders - 1 & 2 (1999 Fantasy Records Remaster) 1964

Biography One of the most distinctive folk/bluegrass units of the 1960s was the Holy Modal Rounders, whose Fantasy recordings combined Appalachian bluegrass and country traditions with the Greenwich Village/East Coast folk of the period. Although singer/acoustic guitarist Steve Weber and singer/fiddler/banjo player Peter Stampfel collectively, the Holy Modal Rounders  had a strong appreciation of Appalachian music, they fit right in on the East Coast coffeehouse circuit of the 1960s. In 1999, Fantasy reissued the duo's first two albums, The Holy Modal Rounders and The Holy Modal Rounders 2 on the 67-minute CD 1 & 2, which offers abundant proof of its humorous, tongue-in-cheek outlook. These 1963-1964 recordings aren't the work of a group that took itself too seriously from Weber's goofy "Mister Spaceman" and Stampfel's quirky "Bound to Lose" to interpretations of Bill Monroe's "Hot Corn, Cold Corn" and Blind Willie McTell's "Statesboro Blues," it's clear that the Rounders are having a lot of fun. For those who are seeking something unorthodox from folk and bluegrass, 1 & 2 is highly recommended.

The Holy Modal Rounders 1
01.Blues in the Bottle
02.Give the Fiddler a Dram
03.The Cuckoo
05.Long John
06.Sugar in the Gourd
07.Hesitation Blues
08.Hey, Hey Baby
09.Reuben's Train
10.Mr. Spaceman
11.Moving Day
12.Better Things for You
13.Same Old Man
14.Hop High Ladies
15.Bound to Lose
The Holy Modal Rounders 2
16.Bully of the Town
17.Sail Away, Ladies
18.Statesboro Blues
19.Clinch Mountain Backstep
20.Down the Old Plank Road
21.Black Eyed Suzie
22.Hot Corn, Cold Corn
23.Crowley Waltz
24.Fishing Blues
25.Junko Partner
26.Soldier's Joy
27.Mole in the Ground
28.Chevrolet Six
29. Flop Eared Mule

Peter Stampfel – fiddle, banjo, vocals
Steve Weber – guitar, vocals

venerdì 30 marzo 2018

Listening - Listening (2014 Flawed Gems) 1968

Biography Michael Tschudin led the Boston-based band Listening, but it is the contributions by former Velvet Underground bassist Walter Powers and guitarist Peter Malick which make this album historic. Powers performed over the years with keyboardist Willie Alexander as members of Capitol Recording Artist the Lost, the aforementioned Velvets, and on Autre Chose, a live album from Alexander released on New Rose in Paris. Peter Malick is best known for being Otis Spann's guitarist and a member of the James Montgomery Band on Capricorn. Their legendary status in Boston rock & roll history brings positive notoriety to the fine music on this Vanguard release. "So Happy" is the poppiest tune, a cross between the Monkees and the Mojo Men, which is quite misleading. The album runs the gamut from pop to blues to jazz. "Baby Where Are You" is some strange fusion of Motown and the Spencer Davis Group which then veers off in a frenzy of effects and musical jam. Eight of the 11 tracks are written by keyboard/vocalist Michael Tschudin, with three titles attributed to the group. "See You Again," one of the group efforts, is another jam with riffs the Who would greatly appreciate. Phish's success validates how ahead of its time Listening truly was. There is certainly an identity here as Tschudin takes the boys through all sorts of styles inside the tune "Laugh at the Stars." Elements of Jimi Hendrix, the Band, and the Vanilla Fudge swirl around in the pretty decent production by Michael Chechik. Where peer group the Peanut Butter Conspiracy sound forced, Listening is right on target. There's just no hit single here that could launch these gentlemen from the trap known as "The Bosstown Sound." "9/8 Song" is definite jazz, kind of like latter-day Rascals, and we know how good that was, and how far it didn't go. "Stoned Is" sounds like the Velvet Underground performing "Chest Fever" by way of Lou Reed's "New York Stars" from Sally Can't Dance. It would fit perfectly on the '60s film soundtrack Psych-Out. Listening has punch and creativity which deserved a better fate. 

01.You're Not There 4:06 
02.Laugh at the Stars 4:15 
03.9/8 Song 4:28 
04.Stoned Is 4:51 
05.Forget It, Man! 3:24 
06.I Can Teach You 2:23 
07.So Happy 2:33 
08.Cuando 2:51 
09.Baby: Where Are You? 6:23 
10.Fantasy 1:02 
11.See You Again 3:45

Michael Tschudin - Vocals, Vibes, Keyboards, Conga Drum
Walter Powers - Bass
Peter Malick - Guitars
Ernie Kamanis - Vocals, Drums

mercoledì 28 marzo 2018

REPOST : Anonima Sound Ltd. - Red Tape Machine (Mellow Records) 1972

Biography Formed in 1964 in the Italian city of Urbino, ANONIMA SOUND were a beat-pop trio that recorded four singles, including the hit single "Fuori piove", released in 1967. In 1970, lead vocalist and guitarist Ivan Graziani left to pursue a career as a solo artist, which would see him become one of the most popular Italian singer-songwriters of the Eighties.
At this point, after having recruited new members, the band changed its name in ANONIMA SOUND LTD. After the release of the single "Io prendo amore" in 1971, they became a seven-piece that included one English and two American musicians, and completely changed their musical orientation. In 1972 they released an album, "Red Tape Machine", entirely sung in English and influenced by British psychedelia and progressive rock. It's an interesting effort, featuring obvious JETHRO TULL influences: the singer tries in places to imitate Ian Anderson, and one of the main instruments used by the band is the flute. However, ANONIMA SOUND LTD. were also one of the most distinctive-sounding bands on the Italian prog scene of the early Seventies.

01.The Red Tape Machine 5:24
02.The Last Debutante 5:12
03.Window On The City 4:10
04.Metro Song 4:57
05.Dog's Life 4:13
06.Triangle 7:00
07.Freedom 3:19
08.The Roofer 4:34

Piero Cecchini - bass, vocals
Lamberto Clementi - guitar
Peter Dobson - guitar
Velio Galazzi - drums
Richard Ingersoll - vocals, flute
Massimo Meloni - guitar, vocals

lunedì 26 marzo 2018

Spinach (Feat.Giorgio Moroder And Michael Holm) - Spinach 1 (2003 Repertoire Records) 1973

Biography Though Giorgio Moroder is best known as one of disco's principal architects, his career also included early flirtations with bubblegum and glam, award-winning film music and a 2010s resurgence that reflected his status as an electronic music pioneer. Born in Ortisei, Italy, on April 26, 1940, Moroder started his career in music while still in his teens, touring Europe as a guitarist in a covers band. After moving to Berlin to concentrate on songwriting, he released a few singles in the mid-to-late '60s as Giorgio. He relocated to Munich and established his own studio, Musicland, where he recorded 1969's bubblegummy "Looky Looky," which was awarded a gold disc the following October. His first LP, Son of My Father, was released in early 1972; that year, the title track was a number one U.K. for Chicory Tip. Around that time Moroder was introduced to fellow aspiring musician Pete Bellotte, with whom he formed a production partnership; in collaboration with singer Donna Summer, the duo was to become one of the most powerful forces in '70s-era dance music, their success beginning with the release of 1974's Lady of the Night. Summer's Love to Love You Baby followed in 1975; the title track, clocking in at close to 17 minutes in length, was an international smash, its shimmering sound and sensual attitude much copied in the years to follow. But this is another story.

01.America, America (Giorgio Moroder, Michael Holm) 3:33
02.Rhythm of Love (Holm, Moroder) 2:19
03.Action Man (Part 1) (Holm, Moroder) 3:59
04.Knockin' On Your Door (Holm, Moroder) 3:16
05.(Sweet Sixteen) You Know What I Mean (Holm, Moroder) 4:19
06.Action Man (Part 2) (Holm, Moroder) 3:51
07.Looky, Looky (Moroder, Peter Rainford) 2:30
08.Don't You Worry (Tom Winter, Abi Ofarim) 2:30
09.I'm a Bum (Heinz Krebs, Andreas Neumann) 2:41
10.Sunny Mornin' (Rainer Pietsch, Cannon, Holm) 3:21
11.Sunshine Lady (Pietsch) 3:45
12.Muny, Muny (Holm, Joachim Heider) 3:04

Giorgio Moroder - performer, composer
Michael Holm - performer, composer
Other Musicians are unknown

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